Check Commander - Curses interface for Checkmk

A curses interface for checkmk. I named it Checkmk Commander, but Check Commander is easier to say.



Checkmk Plugins, part 1

Some of my checkmk plugins, Webchecks, Blacklist and SQL Dump. Easy deployments.


Non-invasive graphing of energy usage

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

Reducing energy usage is hard if you can’t see it. Here’s a cheap way to graph home or office energy usage.

By reading data from the energy meter, one can get super accurate, real-time usage data.

Energy graph


Graphing X Aircontrol from Trox Technik

Modern buildings have advanced HVAC systems, but they keep the data for themselves. Let’s fight that. =)

Temperature, CO2, airflow.


Argos, GNOME Shell extensions

Argos is a free GNOME version of BitBar. Both lets you run any script to create an icon in the panel (or Mac OS X Menu Bar). You can see lots of plugins here: BitBar plugins.

One renegade host


VEML7700 in ESPHome

I have a VEML7700 digital light level sensor, which is not supported by ESPHome, but can be used as a custom i2c component. This is how:


Nordlux lamp. Incompetence or planned obsolescence?

I got this lamp from Nordlux, model 6315. It came with unreplacable LEDs, meaning you have to throw it away when they run out. Apparently the LEDs are rated for 30.000 hours, but will they last that long?



ZFS on laptop with encrypted /home

With Ubuntu 19.10 it’s simple to get a workstation with boot and root on ZFS. But what’s missing from the install is encryption. This is how I did it.

I suggest you first have:

  • basic zfs knowledge
  • good linux knowledge
  • no important data on the target system
  • more than 4 GB RAM
  • SSD or better




Untrickable laser alarm, with an easy-to-knock-out fusebox.

A tribute to (the alarms in) Mark of the Ninja.



Car-logger - part 3


A self-hosted, real-time, inexpensive open source car tracker built with Raspberry Pi Zero W, Nextcloud, and optionally Home Assistant.



Volumio based radio with NFC


Volumio based internet radio, controlled by NFC, built in an old speaker.

Complete speaker


So Hell has frozen over…

So here we are, Hell really has frozen over…


RadiOS part 2


See RadiOS part 1.

So I started making a prototype to figure out if I could “sense” both selections with GPIO pins, while the designer started modeling and rendering suggestions for the physical design. The solution chosen was to first set all volume control pins to high, and check which channel control points registered as on, then reverse (control points high, check volumes).


Weather via finger, an update


I meant to write this post in Febuary, but never had the time.

Something exploded at Tuesday 2016-02-16.

I created the finger weather service in 2012, and announced it at Reddit. It got some mentions in Norwegian blogs, and i gathered a few regular users. See old stats in previous post.

I’m no fan of social media, and try to stay away. But apparently someone recently noticed the service and tweeted about it. Then blogs. Since I have regularly received “thank you” mails due to one of the random messages at the bottom (Mail a “thank you” to if you like the service.).


Using finger service the wrong way


If you’re doing this, you’re doing it wrong…

2016-05-31 10:19:45.493314 Client 92.x.x.192 hamburg, germany/hamburg/hamburg
2016-05-31 10:19:48.443380 Client 74.x.x.189 greensboro, united_states/north_carolina/greensboro
2016-05-31 10:19:56.733260 Client 50.x.x.50 beaverton, united_states/oregon/beaverton
2016-05-31 10:19:56.745653 Client 50.x.x.50 beaverton, united_states/oregon/beaverton
2016-05-31 10:19:56.759656 Client 50.x.x.50 beaverton, united_states/oregon/beaverton
2016-05-31 10:19:56.819283 Client 50.x.x.50 beaverton, united_states/oregon/beaverton
2016-05-31 10:20:16.287744 Client 5.x.x.13 kaiserslautern, germany/rhineland-palatinate/kaiserslautern
2016-05-31 10:20:35.182942 Client 85.x.x.140 katowice, poland/silesia/katowice
2016-05-31 10:20:47.029550 Client 193.x.x.226 oslo, norway/oslo/oslo/oslo


Your own realtime monitor


By request, a quick how-to on setting up your own realtime monitor for, Oslos public transit.

Ruter realtime example


Android with as little closed source as possible - part 2


Read part one of Android with as little closed source as possible, Life without US cloud services and Androids privacy invasiveness if you’re wondering why I’m doing this.

This is an update on how to live with a free and open (Android based) phone.


µg - A plugin-based replacement for gapps (updated)

This is a follow-up of Nogapps - A replacement for gapps.

The NOGAPPS project has been renamed to µg, and the part that interessts me the most, off-line, libre, coarse localization is called µg Unified Nlp.

Read more... - Weather forecast via finger

The idea has a brilliant hour by hour view. A simple picture where you get all info you need for planning your next 48 hours.

They also give out all their weather data for free! Having a special fascination for the command line, I wondered if I could represent the same information in a basic, ASCII, 80x22 terminal.


Google knows where you are by default

Even if you don’t use any Goolge services directly, Google will know a lot about you. For example when using the libre web browser Firefox from Mozilla. Let me quote from their site: “We’ve always designed Firefox to protect and respect your private information.”.

Geo location example

When using a location service, one get the message “Would you like to share your location with <website>?” when it should really say “Would you like to share your location with Google and <website>?”. This is stated if you “Learn more…”.

This may not supprise you, as Mozilla get 90 percent of its revenue from Google, and therefore use lots of Google services out of the box.

Mozilla started their own location service over a year ago with the goal to “Improve the privacy aspects of the geolocation service compared to the current market offerings.”, which is a good thing. It can be used by following this guide. My results has been varying.


Unfortunately Mozilla isn’t as open as they could be on this. They will not share their database. I recommend using OpenWLANMap instead, as they both are older than Mozilla Location Service and do share the database.

By installing this add-on you can transparently use OpenWLANMap in Firefox instead.

You can join in collecting data for both services by using Mozilla Stubmler app or OpenWLANMap app.

I’m not aware of any positioning for web browsers that works off-line, like one can on android using Nogapps.