Checkmk Plugins, part 1

Some of my checkmk plugins, Webchecks, Blacklist and SQL Dump. Easy deployments.


If you have a server which is sending mail, drop this check in place. It will check the host it’s running from against a bunch of blacklists. No configuration needed.


One positive


Easy and expansive check of web services. It will:

  • Follow redirects
  • Check (configurable) status code
  • If ssl, check cert and chain. Check remaining time.
  • Configurable string check.
  • If URL contains dev, stage or such, complain if the site isn’t robots-blocked. Else, complain if the site _is_ robots-blocked.
  • Find URLs to check from apache or nginx config.



SQL dumps

This one is of less general use, and is published more as an example for further development. It’s written for an inhouse SQL dumper, somewhat similar to automysqlbackup. It will check for a running database server, and if found check for recent database dumps.